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Spec Bicycles now offers professional bike repair and service for all bikes, including Road, Gravel, Mountain, E-bikes and more.  From Vintage to Modern Wireless shifting, we guarantee the fastest turnaround of any shop around with the best value.

Premium Bicycle Servce

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Quick Tune

From $50 / Per Bicycle


Basic tune-up service, perfect for Newer bikes that aren’t very dirty, and minimal wear and tear.

  • Tune Brakes ($20ea)
  • Tune Derailleurs ($20ea)
  • Safety Check ($20)
  • Check and Fill Tires ($10)
  • Quick fit adjustments to saddle and bars if needed ($20)
  • Lube chain and other moving components (15$)

Premium Tune

From $85 / Per Bicycle


Premium tune-up service is perfect for bikes that get a lot use, or haven’t been ridden for a while.  This is a VERY comprehensive tune-up that will give you far more than you pay for.

  • Quick Tune ($145 value) PLUS….
  • Full Bike Wash & Detail ($30)
  • Derailleur Hanger Straightening ($20)
  • F&R Wheel Truing ($40)


From $150 / Per Bicycle


Race Preparation is perfect for higher end bicycles (or your old favorite) that deserve the ultimate tune-up.  When you can’t leave anything to chance, this tune-up service will cover it all.

  • Premium Tune ($235 Value) PLUS….
  • Complete Drivetrain cleaning in Ultrasonic bath ($70)
  • Freehub removal/cleaning + Premium Dumonde Tech PRO X Grease ($30)
  • Clean and regrease and adjust Headset/Steerer bearings ($35

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ServiceDescriptionTypical Time (days)Pricenotes
New Bike Assembly (single speed)children’s bikes, or cruisers2$50.00 
New Bike Assembly (multi- speed)kids and adult bikes with multiple speeds2$100.00Depends on percentage built
New Bike Assembly (Trikes) 2$120.00 
New Bike Assembly (TT, Triathlon)aero cockpit, precise assembly2$120.00 
Brake adjustment (rim brakes)caliper style brakes f&rear1$15.00$25 for both f&r
Brake caliper adjustment (disc brakes)hydraulic or cable disc brakes1$20.00$10 for rotor truing if needed
Brake Bleeding (disc brakes)bleeding disc brakes (per side)1$20.00$30 for both f&r
brake cable installation w/housing (each)remove/install new brake cables1$20.00plus cost of cable/housing
brake cable installation w/housing (Internally routed)remove/install new brake cables1$40.00plus cost of cable/housing
Hydraulic brake line installationremove/install hydro brake line1$35.00add 15$ for internal cable routing
Bar Tape/ MTB gripsbar tape installation & flat bar grips1$10.00free with bartape purchase @ retail
headset maintenanceremove, clean/grease reinstall1$25.00 
Chain cleaning or new installcheck, clean and relube bike chain1$15.00 
Chain cleaning & race prep waxingultrasonic clean, hot melt wax, install1$60.00 
Cassette removal/installremove/ install new1$15.00 
Cassette serviceremove/ ultrasonic clean/ reinstall1$30.00
Only worthwhile on 105 and better groupsets
Rear Derailleur Alignment/ Adjustmentalign hanger, and index rear derailleur1$20.00 
Front Derailleur Alignment/ Adjustmentalign cage, and index front derailleur1$20.00 
Shift cable installation w/housing (ea)remove/install new shift cables1$20.00plus cost of cable/housing
Shift cable installation w/housing (Internally routed)remove/install new shift cables1$40.00plus cost of cable/housing
Tube installation provided tube(each)install customer supplied tube1$15.00 
Tube installation Spec purch. tube(each)install Spec inventory tube1$25.00includes price of tube (standard tube)
Tire replacement (tube clincher)New clincher tire Install w/tube1$15.00 
Tire replacement (Road 25-32mm Tubeless)Road tubeless tire Install including sealant1$50.00Includes rim tape and sealant (60ml)
Tire replacement (MTB Tubeless)Mountain/gravel tubeless install includes sealant1$55.00Includes rim tape and sealant (120ml)
Tire replacement (tubular glue on)glue tubular to new wheel (includes glue)3$50.00 
Wheel truing (each)external nipples (tire still mounted)1$20.00 
Wheel truing (each) internal nippleinternal spoke nipples w/tire removal1$35.00 
wheel hub service (each)wheel bearing ultrasonic clean/grease/install1$30.00 
wheel hub sealed bearings service (each)install new sealed bearings1$20.00 
wheel buildingrim/spoke/hub scratch build2$120.00 
Bottom bracket service (servicable)removal/ultrasonic clean/grease/install1$35.00 
Bottom bracket install (press fit)removal/install1$30.00 
Bottom bracket install (threaded)removal/install1$25.00 
Crankset removal/install (included in BB service)removal/install new or old1$20.00 
pedal removal/installremoval/install new or old1$10.00 
Express bike fit (best for recreational riders)fitting for comfort and safety15 min$50.00 
Power & Aero fit (best for competitive riders)fitting for power and road aero1 hour$200.00 
TT/Triathlon fit (for triathletes and time trialists)fitting for TT and Tiathlon performance1 hour$225.00 
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