Spec is a cycling micro-brand born from a pursuit to deliver the most innovative, performance driven, built-to-order bespoke bikes.

Spec is a cycling micro-brand born from a pursuit to deliver the most innovative, performance driven, built-to-order bespoke bikes.

Facebook Reviews

  • positive review  I bought this bike to use for training for MTB as well as climbing and racing crits! Love what I’ve gotten out of it. I smash 100 miles rides nearly every week as well as do most of my anaerobic/VO2 max work with it. Josh has been helpful even sending me a new PM when my battery Cover wouldn’t stay in.

    thumb Micah LaJeunesse
  • positive review  This is what small business is all about, rather than being a number only with no customer service from those big chain stores, Josh and Dan answer all questions at any given time and their attention to customer service is just fabulous. Nevertheless the bike is great as well. Would recommend anytime. Thanks

    thumb Michael Schwarz
  • positive review  I have been looking for a bike for over a year. I was looking a personal experience where I could customize my components, participate in the build and save money. I looked at every make available and had narrowed my search to either a Yoeleo or a Canyon when I stumbled across Spec bikes. What brought my into Spec was the price. What has made me a satisfied customer is the bike and the experience working with Josh. From the start, I had lots of questions for Josh about options and components. I really appreciate how was willing to work I with me on custom elements such as the Redshift handlebar stem and the paint job. I also had lots of questions about Spec components such as the handlebar set, carbon wheels, and the value of DuraAce components vs Ultegra. The end result is an absolutely stunning, feature packed hotrod that sells for 1/3rd to 1/2 the cost of similarly appointed trek or specialized bikes and 30/40% less the a Canyon or Yoeleo. I love the bike, am extremely happy with the buying experience and feel I got the most possible bike for my money.

    thumb Mike Sullivan
  • positive review  I ride a Spec Stealth with 105's, and it is is awesome. Josh is really responsive and really easy to work with. You will not be unhappy going with this brand.

    thumb Rehan Kapadia
  • 5 star review  Excellent company. Working with Josh has been the best customer service experience I've encountered. I am very happy with the quality of the bike and received compliments from other riders.

    thumb Romeo Hizon

Google Reviews

  • 5 star review  I own a Spec Stealth and could not be happier. They are extremely responsive and easy to work with. You will not be disappointed.

    thumb Rehan Kapadia
  • 5 star review  Got the Stelth R in early June and have put over 500 miles on it so far. The bike fits perfectly (I'm 5'4" and have a tough time finding a build that works for me). Josh asked me a bunch of questions and nailed it. I looked a bunch of other builders and this was a huge value for full Dura Ace and they toss in a bunch of other stuff like a computer for nearly cost. I probably saved at least $1,000. Super happy with this bike!

    thumb Jesse Ferber
  • 5 star review  "I'm a new owner of a Spec Crit Pro X and I couldn't be happier! I wish I would have pulled the trigger sooner. The bike is so strong and well built and amazingly light at the same time. The amount of power I can put out climbing is a huge improvement from my old Trek. Plus, it looks sweet with the custom aero bars and DI2 shifter. I'm a triathlete and the bike leg is no longer my weakness. I can't wait to get up in the morning to ride!"

    thumb Nathan Jacobs
  • 5 star review  The team at Spec truly know how to build a beautiful performance road bike, I was blown away at the attention to detail, the feel, and the performance of my Spec bike from the first time I tried it out. Not only is the bike amazing, I was impressed with the customer service and knowledge of the Spec team. Thank you and keep up the amazing work with all of your products. You've found a customer for LIFE!

    thumb Sean McNamara
  • 5 star review  Incredible bike at a great price! Spec Bicycles provides a truly unique bike for the hardcore cyclist that comes in far below comparable bikes from big name brands.Their customer service is incredible and after working with Spec, I wouldn't consider going anywhere else for a new race bike.

    thumb Ian R. Anderson

Invest in Performance

Don’t pay more for an expensive “Household Name” on the Downtube.  Our direct to consumer company offers high end performance and quality in a Bike that can be less than half the cost of a comparable big name brand.  Shoot us an email, or give us a call and let’s talk about your next bike build.



Spec’s options and customization possibilities are far greater than any bike brand you’ve probably visited.  The reason?  We assemble each Spec by hand to order, in a workshop, not a factory.  You’re in control of every aspect if you want to be.  Not sure what Spec would fit your riding style?  Call or email us for a free consult


Disc Revolution

The Stealth Disc is a great option for riders who need exceptional braking performance in a wide range of conditions.  Utilizing Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, in 105, Ultegra and Dura-Ace performance tiers, you’ll for sure find the Stealth that meets your demands.

It's All in the Power

We believe in the advantages of training, racing and even just having fun riding with a power meter.  We therefore offer factory installed Stages power meters as an option on every bike model.  Would you lift weights without numbers on the plates? Training with power gives that constant feedback of where your fitness is at, and when you’ve found those new limits you’ve been shooting for.  No matter what your fitness level, a power meter can be an extremely useful pacing tool.  Power allows you to gauge efforts evenly, helping you grab that Strava KOM, hit a new 20 minute power record, or achieve whatever cycling goal you’ve set for yourself.

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